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Doujinshi: amateur comic; can be written/drawn by a rising artist or based around a particular fandom.
Example: Megatokyo, by Fred Gallagher, is one of the 'new artist' type of doujinshi.

Hellsing: the vampire action series by Kouta Hirano, released Stateside by Dark Horse Comics, released in Japan (manga) by Young King Ours. The manga is still going strong in the serialized Young King Ours magazine, where it ran along with such series as Trigun, and its canon has several forms: manga series canon (Hellsing), TV series canon (animeverse), OVA series canon (as the OVA has just started to be released), and the canon of "The Dawn", a prequel series appearing in Young King Ours.

Hellsing doujinshi: And Shine Heaven Now, by Erin Ptah. It is based around a particular fandom (Hellsing, in this case); follows the Hellsing Animeverse most closely, even though other canon elements creep in; incorporates characters from other fandoms, from famous series such as Sailor Moon to little gems such as Emma; and an author/artist with her own fanbase (like Fred Gallagher's, only not as scary).

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