Willow the Wanderer (willowanderer) wrote in erin_fans,
Willow the Wanderer

Thoughts on Today's comic

Besides, kid-Seras is adorable.
I laughed out loud for like a minute after reading today's 'Shine'
Of course, this leads to the interesting question. In the Manga Alucard is techinicaly not a virgin, (spoilers for Volume 8) but he asks if Seras is (volume one) And we have NO idea what he got up to in his intervening years as a vampire though he had the hots for Mina, Lucy (and Integra) and got up to something (eyebrow wiggle) with young!Walter.
I was just thinking about it, an thought I'd make the rest of you think about it too. In the mean time, I am eagerly waiting to see what happens next!
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Hahaha! It's been several weeks since I read Shine, but your comment made me go back and catch up.

Definitely LOL-worthy. ^_^
Have you read todays?
Not only that Seras, you were watching your father figure 'make time'
Sure did. **snerk**